1 I will not dance to your beat

I will not dance to your beat[1]

If you call plantations forests

I will not sing with you

If you privatise my water

I will confront you with my fists

If climate change means death to me but business to you

I will expose your evil greed

If you don’t leave crude oil in the soil

Coal in the hole and tar sands in the land

I will confront and denounce you

If you insist on carbon offsetting and other do-nothing false solutions

I will make you see red

If you keep talking of REDD and push forest communities away from their land

I will drag you to the Climate Tribunal

If you pile up ecological debt

& refuse to pay your climate debt

I will make you drink your own medicine

If you endorse genetically modified crops

And throw dust into the skies to mask the sun

I will not dance to your beat

Unless we walk the sustainable path

And accept real solutions & respect Mother Earth

Unless you do

I will not &

We will not dance to your beat



  1. Title poem in Nnimmo Bassey’s collection I will Not Dance to Your Beat, Ibadan, Kraft Books, 2011



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